Marvelbet: Responsible Gaming

Our company is committed to keeping players safe from any kind of negative influence. And gambling addiction is one of them. A responsible approach to gambling has always been and remains the primary concern of every player. And we, in turn, will try to help with this. Our responsible gambling policy aims to minimize the effects of addiction on the individual, prevent this kind of problem, treat it and avoid the side effects. That’s why we have a set of rules and conditions that need to be followed.

marvelbet responsible gaming

General Terms and Conditions of Responsible Gaming on marvelbet

Speaking of responsible gambling, it is worth mentioning that this has to be a two-pronged effort. With this in mind, we offer you a number of terms and conditions to help you avoid a number of problems:

These simple tips will help you minimize the negative effects of gambling on both you and your surroundings. However, remember that we are always there for you if you are in trouble!