General rules of marvelbet

To regulate player behavior and the relationship between users and the administration, we set several rules to be observed. These rules are designed and operated solely to improve the quality of services provided. They include:

  • These rules govern all relationships and provisions on the platform;
  • If an event arises that does not meet these regulations, we reserve the right to exercise our discretion;
  • We, as the platform owners, may not allow you to participate in sports or casino betting, or restrict you from doing so at your discretion, without giving any reasons;
  • Each user is personally responsible for complying with and/or breaking the rules laid down by our company;
  • We forbid any suspicious activity, such as the use of a VPN, the creation of more than one account, or money laundering;
  • We shall not be responsible for the actions of third parties within the scope of our company;
  • We do not guarantee or accept liability for the accuracy of the match results, broadcasts, statistics, or any kind of information that can be found in the sections;
  • We have the right to independently correct any errors that occur within the scope of our company’s activities;
  • Subject to certain conditions, we will be entitled to void your bet;
  • We may suspend an event at any time should we feel it to be necessary;
  • We monitor each player’s activity and it is our responsibility to report any errors that occur as well as any overcharges;
  • If you do not agree with any of the rules or if you have a dispute, we recommend that you contact us immediately!

And that’s not all. Here is a list of the basic rules that need to be followed. However, several conditions and individual rules have been developed and are enforceable and apply to specific sections and subsections. You are therefore advised to familiarize yourself with them before you start your activities!

general rules of marvelbet